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Woman up!

Woman up!

My Gorgeous Goddess and Sister,

I felt called to write to you because of what I see around me every day.

I see it in me, I see it in you and you see it as well: in your girlfriends, sisters, cousins, mothers, aunts and grandmothers.

I see their value, their essence, their divinity. Equally, I see them settling and compromising.

And it’s then when my Soul turns sad because I am connected with you, with your girlfriends, your sisters, cousins, mothers, aunts and grandmothers from my Heart to their Heart.

And I feel the sadness that lies in there, the voice that they don’t pay attention to, the crying song they don’t hear.

This crying song is written by the Soul when we build our life on Fear and Doubt, when instead of choosing what our Heart dictates, we go the easy way because we don't believe something better is available or possible, because we believe we don’t deserve better, because we are afraid to lose, we bargain the flame our Heart for the illusional safety net, we are afraid our Ego will dissipate and all sense of identity will become dust.

I see you getting yourself in the most dangerous situations, I see you staying when it hurts, I see you sealing bonds that you want to break, I see you taking loans to rescue your boyfriend who is cheating on you, I see you staying in jobs where you are underpaid, burnout and overworked, I see you getting pregnant when you don't dare leave the unhappy already consumed relationship, I see you maintaining ‘friendships’ that add you no value, I see you giving your power away by taking others or external things as a point of reference for your value instead of connecting with your inner essence.

For my Lovely, it is in the deepest corners of your beautiful Soul where you find your ailing, your answers and your directions. I call your name to remind you of the precious pearl that lies on the bottom of the sea that is your Heart. It is there where you connect with your divinity and it is from there that you Create your wildest dreams and Manifest your Magnificent Life.

And when you go there I want to hear from you, I want to hear how you became the Goddess that you are meant to be, how you are enjoying Life to the fullest and experiencing your highest potential.

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