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The Power of Fear

You might have expected me to name this blog ‘The Power of Love’ however it does not really matter as Love and Fear are the same energy only at opposite poles.

We live in a world in which it has become more and more essential to choose love consciously instead of choosing fear. As crazy as it may sound both of them can be invoked at any time.

Due to our survival instinct fear is the one that comes easier as we have been hard-wired to react with fear in order to save our lives and our species.

By definition fear is an emotional response induced by a perceived threat, which causes a change in brain and organ function and consequently in our behaviour. Fear is a vibration and what we vibrate we recreate. This is how we build our reality. When we start becoming aware of that and take responsibility for our manifestations we might decide we want to choose differently.

To start with we can become aware that 99.99% of fear is a delusion of our mind, an imagination.

Now I want you to feel the power of fear. It’s very easy to bring it about - just watch the news or a scary movie, think about losing your health, a dear person or your job. Has something already changed in the chemistry of your body? How is your breath? How does your body feel? Do you feel strong or weak? How enthusiastic and optimistic do you feel about life? How motivated do you feel about your future plans now? What about the actions you set for yourself, are you very eager to complete them? Notice how fear takes control over you...but in the end, it is all in your mind. No matter how unreal the reality generated by fear is, the chemical and vibrational traces it leaves are still poisonous.

While we know that what we focus on creates our reality, the more you focus on the excuses that sustain your fear, ​the more confirmation you will find in the apparent evidence marking your reality. Because Life is on your side: it’s there to give you what you want, what you think of, what you focus on. But because Life is a mere reflection of your vibration, it does not make the difference between good or bad, love or fear. It will simply resonate with you. That’s how great Life is and how powerful you are.

On the contrary, think of one of your happiest moments in life and observe how that affects your physiology and your energy. How do you feel now about Life? About your future possibilities? About how gifted you are and how much you want to share with the world? How expanded is your mind and how much do you think it’s possible?

On a personal note, the most recent time I experienced the power of fear was after the terrorist attack in Barcelona. Once the news appeared on TV, I could literally touch the fear in the air and could see people paralysed by it. I wasn’t any better in the first hours. I just needed to isolate myself from the mass panic to be able to observe everything from the outside. Some people my consider this as selfish, lack of empathy or ignorance, however when you know how the law of manifestation works, you know how you can really help humanity in such situations. The current reality of our planet is also a reflection of the vibration of humanity and thus, I chose to not contribute to that vibration anymore. Feeling love, joy, celebrating life, feeling gratitude and wonder at the beauty of life, are the vibrations that help heal and uplift humanity.

Remember your mind is your horse, you choose whether you want to ride it or you let it drive you.

Now I would love to hear about your relationship with Fear.

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