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What to expect when you are manifesting?

If you think this is a ‘What to expect when you are expecting?’ kind of blog, I’d better tell you from the start that it’s not the case. This is about another kind of Birth. It is about Rebirth. This was a question that came up in one of the conversations with my dearest Ladies. At that time I could not find the right words to be able to transmit my messages so here I go now, trying to explain myself better.

First of all, let’s have a look at what manifesting means. Manifesting is the process of bringing our intention into reality, making it happen. Or, to quote David M. Berry, ‘Manifestation is a Universal LAW that brings the invisible into visibility’. As you might assume from the definition, when we use the process of manifestation we are in control, we take full responsibility of our life, of our reality.

So what shall we do with the expectations we have of life in this case?

In my humble opinion, having expectations comes from a place of fear, and defense. When you have expectations, you feel (most probably unconsciously) that you need to do something, to take action, to guard your standards, to make a point. A place where you worry that what you deserve might not be given to you so you become tensed and ready to ‘DO’ something about it.

Instead, when you are familiar with the laws of manifestation you completely surrender to life. Yes, you do set out your intention, goal and desire. But you do that from your heart and from a place where you know with your whole being, not only that you deserve it but that it is your birthright. It is not about deserving because deserving implies being worthy or not, being qualified for or not; whereas when you know something as your birthright, there is no question about being worthy or qualified for - it IS simply yours. This is a place where only Love resides; there is no space for doubt or worry. You completely trust and you already feel full. You feel blessed because you count your blessings every day and you receive each day as a gift, as it is. Each breath, each meal, each glass of water, each movement and everything you do is an honor, a celebration.

That’s why when focusing on manifesting from your Heart you actually don’t have expectations because you already feel abundant and thus attract more abundance because what we think is what we feel, and what we feel is what we vibrate, and what we vibrate is what the universe sends back to us.

You might say ‘easier said than done’. Indeed, it is a process you need to go through in order to get to that place of manifesting from your heart and of feeling filled with gratitude.

Here are some steps you could take in that directions:

1. Identify all the things and people that have a negative impact on your life - if you haven’t done this before and you still have people in your life that you don’t enjoy being with, or you might have responsibilities that drain you and you have no calling towards, this might turn out to be quite an overwhelming exercise. But do be patient and compassionate with yourself giving the right time to exploring these areas, understanding why you made the choices that brought you where you are. Do that in a non-judgemental way.

2. Moving onward ask yourself ‘If you knew you were going to die in one year from today, what would you do and how would you want to be remembered?’

3. Once you have all that sorted out, make a list of priorities in terms of the first most important things that need changing in your life and write an action plan. Commit to it like your life depended on it...because IT DOES.

4. Gratitude - there’s nothing more underestimated than gratitude and the things we take for granted. I see this in myself - even if I have been practicing conscious gratitude for years, I can still observe how easily I slide back into taking things for granted. We usually notice our blessings when we ran out of them or they disappear. The easiest is to take for granted our breath, the perfect functioning of our organs, our cardiovascular system, digestive system, muscular system, endocrine system, immune system, nervous system, renal system, exocrine system, respiratory system, skeletal system, our health, our shelter, our garments covering and warming up our body, water, electricity, air, daylight, the moon, the rain, nature, our family and friends, and so on. Why is this important? Because when we start seeing life through the lens of gratitude, everything falls into place and becomes magical, synchronicity takes over and you just enjoy life in an effortless way. Some of the habits that can help build this lens into your life could be: keeping a daily gratitude diary - listing of 5 things you are grateful for (usually good to start your day with) or ending the day by reflecting on all the things that went well or that you are grateful for.

5. Or simply by practicing mindfulness and observing in each situation and place what makes you become aware you are alive.

Thus, I invite you, my beautiful friend, to step into this magical land and you will see: you will become unstoppable. I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Manifesting!

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