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If I could tell my clients what I really think

One of the first things I learned as a coach is that when coaching you are not allowed to give advice. The reason is because we believe that the clients have all the answers within and that being a good coach means asking the right questions that help the clients find their own answers, which will empower them and make it easier for them to take accountability.

Yet, especially when emotional or deeply rooted relational patterns are revealed during the coaching process, the client could continue to feel stuck and stay loyal to the idea that they don’t have an answer or a solution. That is happens because, due to our conditioning and older wounds, we tend to miss to see our real potential or the multitude of possibilities and opportunities that lie around us. Even when this happens and it might seem that there is no way forward, as a coach, I trust in the process and have patience until the client finds their own light inside. I cannot give them my answers because they are also the result of my own conditioning, reconditioning, limitations and life experience. And in the coaching process there are no limits: the possibilities and the potential are infinite.

However, even if I stick to the coaching rules and do not give advice, there are times when Love chooses me as a messenger, wanting to remind my clients of their own truth.

It is then when I feel like telling them:

1. You are divine. The essence of creation lies inside you and you are a perfect Soul.

2. You have come to this world to be happy and to experience life at its full capacity. You don’t need to compromise anything. On the contrary, the less you compromise, the sooner the things you want in your life will come to you.

3. You don’t need to transform into something else, you just need to transform into who you really are.

4. The reason why even more wonderful things have not come your way is because you’ve never allowed yourself to believe that more wonderful things exist, that they are possible, because in reality you don’t have to do anything to ‘deserve’ them, only to believe.

5. Your current reality is the perfect mirror of your beliefs, thoughts and words; I can’t say that enough. We find this truth even in the Bible, ’In the beginning was the Word’. Look at it with blunt honesty. If you believe ‘life is difficult’, life will be difficult for you or if you believe ‘people are not to be trusted’, you will only attract unreliable people.

6. Stop playing small, you are not doing anyone a favour.

7. Stop making excuses and avoiding fulfilling your dreams.

8. The past does not matter, every day you can recreate your life, if you stop allowing the past to condition and control you.

9. Being alive is the greatest privilege. Honour it.

10. Everything is possible.

If you are currently struggling with an issue that seems to have no way out, my words might seem ‘easier said than done’ or even inconsiderate or judgemental. I do hope that it is not the case and that they resonate with you, that they help remind you who you really are, because they are words of love and they stream from a wish to see you happy and thriving.

Coaching has proven to me to be the perfect tool to challenge and irreversibly transform any limiting beliefs that stay in our way of living our highest potential. Regardless of where you are in your journey, if you would like to have a taste of how Coaching might work for you, contact me at to book your free Coaching session now.

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