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Achieve ANYTHING you want in life with these 9 secrets about goals

Today I would like to share with you some secrets about Goals. And not just any kind of goals but perfect goals. Those goals that will help you achieve anything you want. The reason why often we don't achieve our goals is because they are not correctly set.

Not only will I share this secret with you but I have also made it very easy for you to understand.

I’ve actually created a checklist for you of everything you need to keep in mind when setting your goals.

  1. Goals need to be stated in the positive. This has nothing to do with positive thinking, it’s about focusing on what you want rather than on what you don't want. When stated in the positive, goals point us in a specific direction and allow us to measure ourselves continually towards that end. Ask yourself ‘What do I want?’ instead of “What is it that I don’t want anymore or what am I running away from?. For example instead of saying you want to lose weight focus on how you would like to feel in your body, on how fit you are and on the final outcome that you want to achieve.

  2. Measurement: when you are on the right track, how will you know you have succeeded? What proofs will you have that will confirm to you that you have achieved your goal? What will you be seeing, hearing or feeling?

  3. Specific details: where exactly, when exactly and in which specific context would you like to achieve your goal?

  4. Resources: make a list of all the resources you have. You can include objects (such as technology, spaces, books, training etc), people, role models (somebody who already achieved the same thing), personal strengths and abilities and finances (do you have enough money to reach your objective? what can you do to get more?)

  5. Control: how much control do you have over achieving your goal? Can you do anything to increase your control over it? Here it’s essential to be very honest to yourself otherwise if you don't do this one right and you embark on trying to achieve something you have not much or not enough control over it can be a lost cause from the beginning.

  6. Ecology: what are the overall consequences? How much time and effort would you need to achieve this goal? If you focus on this, what might you need to neglect? Who else might be affected by this objective and how might they feel eventually? What might you need to give up to achieve your goal? What is good from your current situation and what do you want to keep from it? What other consequences could there be if you reach your goal?

  7. Identity: is this goal compatible with you, with your core values and with what is important to you? Think about how focusing on this goal could impact the other important areas of your life.

  8. Break your goal down into smaller achievable goals. If the goal seems too big and overwhelming, break it down into smaller goals and tackle them one by one.

  9. Time-bound: unless we set an achievable realistic deadline for our goal we might as well keep dreaming about that one day when we will be achieving it.

So remember the secret of perfect goals is that they need to be started in the POSITIVE, MEASURABLE, SPECIFIC, RESOURCED, IN YOUR CONTROL, ECOLOGICAL, aligned with your IDENTITY, ACHIEVABLE and TIME BOUND.


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