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Before starting anything new in life, do this first!

When we decide to do something new or change something in our life some of us might go ahead right away without thinking too much about it, others might take lots of time and think of all the details and plan very carefully. Whether you fall in the first category or the second, it doesn’t matter. Before starting anything new in life, do this!

Make space for the new, declutter, cleanse your life.

We cannot fill up a cup until we have emptied it, and ideally cleaned it.

Why is making space so important before we start anything?

Sometimes in our life we feel stuck because the energy in our life is stuck, either by holding onto the past, or not allowing what is to be, or collecting old things that are charged with old heavy energy, or maybe not keeping the place where we live or work clean and tidy which does not allow new energy to flow.

Some ways you can make space for new and declutter your life are:

  • Get rid of anything old or that you haven’t used for a long time

  • Clean your email inbox

  • Pay off debt

  • Delete unused apps on your phone, keep only what really brings value to your life; how much input do you really need and can you really digest all the information?

  • Do a body detox

  • Eliminate any toxic elements of your life: this could be toxic habits, toxic relationships, or maybe a certain job that drains your energy

  • Energy purification

  • Mental and emotional detox

Why all this effort before embarking on any new project? Because cleansing your life will give you more space, lightness and more energy for the new journey that you are about to embark on.

Imagine traveling with lots of heavy luggage. How would you feel? And then if you travel only with a light very comfortable bag, how would the journey be?

This is how we go about in life as well. So decluttering and making new space in your life will bring much joy, excitement, energy and inspiration. It will make you feel free to enjoy the journey!

I hope you found these insights and tips useful and if you feel you need a personalized easy to follow step by step action plan on how to make space in your life before starting something new, message me directly for a no compromise free Coaching consultation and I would be happy to support you achieve anything you desire.


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