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Ever since I’ve known myself I have been drawn towards another version of myself and humanity. A version in which we all tap into our highest potential, listen to our hearts and start building our lives on that which makes our heart sing. Of course, this is just a short metaphorical description of the journey that was initiated 22 years ago when I started taking all the chances that life brought to better understand myself and human kind, to understand and practice how to create a different realty or at times how to love and appreciate the reality I was in; a journey of reflection and epiphanies, a journey of stepping out of my comfort zone and of fully lived life.


Having been born in a Bucharest still under dictatorship and limitation I’ve always been attracted by going beyond the borders and exploring the world and life. Thus, 25 years later I moved to Budapest to open a language school and here is where I met myself and a wide variety of spiritual friends, masters and disciplines.


In 2007 I went to my first Family Constellation workshop without knowing anything about it and being keen to just go with an open mind and heart, ready to experience what it wanted to bring me. Little was my surprise when from the first day, being in the middle of a constellation I heard my heart singing ‘OMG! this is my calling…this makes perfect sense and it is what I want to do!’. Since then for many years I never missed any of  Louise Bloemen’s workshop, who inspired me to follow this path. As I felt this work so close to my Soul, I decided to start the training to become a constellations facilitator. Thus, in 2011, after 2 years training, I got certified by the British Centre of Systemic  Constellations During my training have had the honour to learn and work with UK's leading practitioners such as Judith Hemming, Jutta ten Herkel and Richard Wallstein. I am now also a member of the International Systemic Constellations Association and of the British Psychological Society.


In parallel I got interested in Life Coaching which I included in my life in different ways by either receiving or giving, reading or listening about it. Yet, I only formalised this relationship at the end 2016 when I completed my Personal Performance Diploma with The Coaching Academy in the UK, the world's leading coach training provider.


Further following my heart’s song, I have moved to Barcelona in 2016 where I am currently enjoying life and sharing my Purpose.


As part of my spiritual journey, I am a passionate practitioner of yoga, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya (Rhythmic Breathing Technique developed by H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar). I have the FIRST and SECOND DEGREE in REIKI and have been using Reiki since 2011.


Also in my private sessions I also work with Matrix Energetics and the Journey process.

I am based in Barcelona and offer workshops and private sessions in English, Spanish and Romanian.

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