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Gabriela's guidance and the space she was holding for me have been transformative and so so supportive during my process. She made me see myself more clear, acknowledging myself and my journey. She has been showing herself in a beautiful authentic way which worked hand in hand with the calm energy and light she brought to any situation. Leaving me with the feeling that everything is right, everything is allowed to be and everything can be loved. I am beyond grateful for the time I could share with her and the messages I could receive during our work together. 
May you grow even beyond the powerful light you are in right now, may you continue guiding many souls into what they are calling for and may you continue developing connection on this earth. Lots of light to you!

Greta, Germany

The overall impact of coaching with Gabriela was almost magical! Everything we spoke about during the sessions was falling into place short after. The sessions filled me with peace and encouragement that I am capable to do all the things I set myself to achieve and that I have all the resources within me and that trusting life to help me achieve them will do just that. Gabriela’s style of coaching is very much transformational and she went very deep to find the reasons why I felt stuck.
During the time of our coaching sessions, I managed to completely release the stress I had been previously experiencing at work for over a year, I purchased my first property and one of my first practise client came back to me for more sessions and offered to pay for them.
I often heard from Gabriela “I congratulate you for…, I am proud of you…, Notice what you have already achieved…” This was very important to me as I am rather impatient person and sometimes don’t notice the small achievements, only wanting to see the end result.

Agie, Poland

The coaching helped me shape vague ideas into an action step process. It helped me narrow down my focus into priorities, so my attention didn't scatter, and I could break down the path to goal into achievable portions.

It gave me a clear picture about options and how to proceed toward a specific goal. 
Apart from the more concrete tools we discussed, what was most effective was that the sessions set a CAN DO attitude and a positive mindset that really impacted outcomes and made me realise the importance of confidence.

It also taught me techniques that will be useful in the future.
All in all, I was able to meet short-term goals and can see the way forward to my long term goals.

Ilona, Hungary

As a result of coaching I have been able to look at a much wider range of possibilities than I had previously thought about. This has helped me to be more clear about the things I need to do.
I have a much better understanding of the things that are important and which things I should make priorities.
Gabriela has helped me to have a much clearer path towards my goal of starting a new business.

Sarah, UK

I really enjoyed the small group atmosphere and your wonderful energy!  I definitely integrated something, and then discovered something new about myself!  It was really amazing, so I hope we get to work together again in the future!

Workshop Participant, USA

When I first heard about family constellation, I could not even imagine the power and beauty of it. I tried to understand what Gabriela was explaining to me but my imagination was very far from what I experienced when I finally tried it. 
Energies somehow magically get into motion and you just start feeling the answers.
Family constellation helped me a lot in understanding myself, what's in my soul, what's in my heart.

I could release tensions and stuck connections in my life.
Gabriela is a wonderful and natural facilitator. You can feel her love and beautiful soul while she is gently guiding you during the work.
I can only recommend constellations to anyone who wants to get closer to the inner self, who wants to understand hidden problems and release stressful connections in a gentle and beautiful way.

Workshop Participant, Hungary

When I started having coaching sessions with Gabriela I was not confident that coaching could help me gain clarity, appreciate my strengths and understand my potential. After only a few sessions with her I realised my mental blocks and self-imposed stereotypes of myself which worked against my desire to live a more fulfilled life and deal with challenges.

 I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach to anyone who wants to regain focus and achieve their goals enjoying the possibilities that life offers in the process.

Irini, Greece

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