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'Don't die with your music still inside you' Wayne Dyer

Do you often find yourself thinking that there is more to life? Do you think that the reality you have created for yourself is the only possible reality for you?

Do you want to live a vibrating life, following your passion and living your wildest dreams?


Are you ready to transform your life and pursue your dreams unapologetically?

Step up and take action NOW!


I am here to help you discover what you are capable of, to help you feel that incredible power of pushing through and getting beyond your limits.

I am here to help you set yourself up to win.


I am here to support you in making lasting change in your life in line with your heart's desire and to your true self and to experience the feeling that you are advancing towards your goals every day by taking control of  your progress.


I am here to work with you on creating your vision and bring you to a peak state, making things happen.


Whatever area in your life you want to change: your relationships, your career, your business, finances, coaching is one of the most valuable tool.


The SOUL POWER Coaching program is your journey from where you are to where you want to get. We will be exploring the resources you have and still need, what has been keeping you so far from getting there already, the best way to get there and setting specific actions that you will take to create your magnificent life.

Why the SOUL POWER Coaching? Because it’s the fastest most enjoyable self-discovery and self-awareness journey that will change your life significantly.


Family Constellation

Family Constellations are a powerful solution-focused therapeutic approach developed by the German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger. While traditional therapies focus largely on the client, Constellations work with the whole picture of the individual as part of a larger system, the family. Many times the dynamics we hold in the family we project on the other relationships.

Working in a safe and nurturing environment, Constellations reveal how hidden loyalties and identifications can lead to repeating patterns of difficulties that can affect family members over generations. When these loyalties and identifications are brought into conscious awareness, we are able to relax and become resourced to change previously intractable patterns of behaviour. This gives us strength that lets us take our place fully in life.

The format of Family Constellation therapy is in group workshops but it can also be applied in individual sessions.  During a workshop participants can choose to explore a personal issue. The facilitator leads them through the Constellation process in hope of discovering and releasing systemic entanglements. Generally, several participants will be given an opportunity to set up a Constellation in each Workshop. However other participants will often benefit from the work by simply observing or being representatives in the Constellations.


Family Constellations work can:

  • Reveal hidden dynamics and unconscious royalties.

  • Show the natural direction of these dynamics.

  • Return people to their primary capacities.

  • Connect what has been separated and separate what has been conflated.

  • Gain insights and understand the “bigger picture” of any life situation

  • Experience alignment by agreeing to the new images of fate.

  • Reconnect to the source


The basis of this healing work is that emotional blockages are the main component of any and all illnesses. However, having said that we are very clear in our statement that this work is NOT intended to replace any treatment, diagnosis or therapy as offered by your medical doctors. Gabriela Radu is NOT a qualified medical practitioner, but simply offers this work as an opportunity for you to bring into awareness parts of your unconsciousness as a contributing factor of your condition.

This work is not intended to replace or substitute the care of your psychiatrist, qualified and licensed psychotherapist, or any medications such licensed individuals have prescribed to you. You may ask your mental healthcare practitioner to attend any workshop with you at no extra charge.

During a Family Constellations Workshop, emotional and physical symptoms can be experienced as a representative. Your attendance at any workshop is for development and growth purposes only and is entirely at your own responsibility.

Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields and Systemic Family Constellations:



Energy is all there is.  Unseen energy flows through and connects all living things. This energy has various names, depending on the culture or spiritual tradition, probably the most commonly known being Ki (Japaneese) and Chi or Qi (Chinese), but it can also be referred to as Prana (Indian), Light or Spirit or the Holy Ghost (Christian), or as Vitality or Life-force.

Knowledge that our bodies are filled with life-force energy – Ki – and that this is directly connected to the quality of our health, has been part of the wisdom of many cultures for thousands of years, and has resulted in the development of many different forms of ‘energy medicine’, such as acupuncture, shiatsu, reflexology, homeopathy or flower remedies.

We experience that when our Ki is high and flowing freely around our whole energy body we feel healthy, strong, fit and full of energy. We also feel confident, ready to enjoy life and take on its challenges, and are much less likely to become ill. However, if our Ki is low, or if there is a restriction or blockage in its flow, we feel weak, tired and lethargic, and are much more vulnerable to illness or ‘dis-ease’.

The name 'Reiki' is Japanese and it means 'universal life force' (Rei - sacred, spiritual, Ki - energy, life force). The system evolved from Japan and was devised by Dr Mikao Usui over 100 years ago. The tradition has a beautiful lineage and is passed on from master to student. Reiki involves placing (lying on of) hands and energy is directed to any area of the body or energy centre that needs clearing or support. In this way, Reiki, working on all levels, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, goes straight to the point of imbalance.

Reiki can:

  • Increase Energy

  • Relieve Stress

  • Speed healing of injuries

  • Help addictions and emotional problems

  • Expand you spiritually

Gabriela has the FIRST and the SECOND DEGREE in REIKI on the line of Mikao Usui and you can contact her to book a session.

§ During the session clients remain fully-clothed and may be seated or lying down. They can feel a gentle warmth and sense of well-being during the treatment, and often feel relaxed or energized and more balanced afterwards. Reiki cannot conflict with medical or other treatments.

Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics is based on the findings of quantum physics that all matter is nothing but light and information in the form of energy and it involves taking a measure in order to collapse the wave of possibility.
The patterns of our life can be found as energy matrices that make up a specific "energy wave" of our reality.

Matrix Energtics avoids the need to overcome or heal anything by seeing everything, including the person, as light and information. Light and information are neutral rather than good or bad. It takes a lot less energy to change them than to fix a 'problem' and associated beliefs. It allows us to 'do without doing', to allow rather than control or direct. We do not need to know why the person has the 'problem', what the problem is or what needs to happen. And we do not need to try to make something happen or change.


Matrix Energetics is thus not a technique. It has been called a consciousness technology.  What we 'do' is drop our preconceptions, expectations and sense of being the 'doer', the one change depends on, drop down into a receptive rather than directive state.



We do not need to understand quantum physics in order to utilize or live those findings. Because the change happens at the unconscious level, we do not need to know what is changing, let alone how it is happening. This allows things to change that we are not consciously aware of or that we cannot put into words. Hence, in addition to resolving problems, we can prevent them, enhance what is already good and bring what we want into our lives.


Profound and substantial changes can be initiated in a short matrix session. Sometimes, the results show up at once. Other times, they unfold at the most appropriate time or pace for the recipient. Each session is complete in itself, rather than part of a series.

About The Matrix:

Family Constellation
Matrix Energetics
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